About Us

Welcome to Beaufort Tutors!

When we first got into teaching, we did so because we wanted to work with the school and work for the benefit of the pupils. Unfortunately, over time, the paradigm has shifted to the point where it felt like we were working with pupils for the benefit of the school (and the ‘league table’ position).

It became clear that there was a conflict of interests between schools and pupils and this did not sit well with us. It is still our strong belief the any educational institution should have core values that perfectly align with the best interests of all of the students.

After a long and unsuccessful search for such an institution, we did what any person with a passion would do – we created one! Beaufort Tutors is a collection of like-minded individuals working towards a common belief: that the goals of the students, the parents and the educators should not differ. Ever.

We currently offer one-to-one and group tutoring sessions for:

  • Primary English
  • Primary Maths
  • GCSE Sciences
  • GCSE Maths
  • GCSE English
  • A-level Chemistry
  • 11+ Examinations


In addition, we offer a Chemistry ‘top up’ course for those moving from GCSE to A-Level, one-to-one reading, writing and Maths sessions for Primary aged children as well as support for home-schooled children.

At Beaufort Tutors we promise:

Real, qualified teachers!

No computer-based “supervision”.

No conflict of interests


Bournville Community Hub

Bournville Community Hub is the venue for popular courses. Situated in the centre of Bournville, the facilities on offer are excellent, and easily accessible from most parts of Birmingham.  The venue is within walking distance of Bournville train station and the 11 bus route and can be reached directly from the 45, 47 and 27 bus routes. Alternatively, the 61, 62 and 63 bus routes serve Bristol Rd which is just a 10 minute walk away.

Parking facilities are excellent and there are many local amenities, supermarkets, cafes and even Cadbury World allowing parents to enjoy some local shopping and entertainment while the students are in class.

Or classrooms are dedicated to education and, as such, they contain interactive whiteboards and projectors that would rival any found in a state or an independent school. We are well-resourced with course materials and learning aids and our friendly staff will ensure that your child learns in an environment that they will be comfortable and happy in.